Supporting agencies with innovative marketing solutions

Location: London, UK

The Client

Diginius is a London-based agency with a SaaS platform designed to help PPC Agencies and their clients report key information faster, automate work processes, and increase sales.

Purplebox Marketing provides additional marketing support to Diginius, helping them offer their clients a holistic, all-encompassing marketing strategy that drives results.

The team at Diginius approached us to help with outsourced marketing, meaning they could focus on providing high-quality web development and PPC support.

The Objective

PPC is a very competitive industry, with businesses wanting to make sure they’re seen ahead of their rivals.

While Diginius provides clients with PPC management services, we carry out search engine optimisation to bring in organic traffic. 

Our support doesn’t just stop at SEO. We also help Diginius with conversion rate optimisation, marketing strategies, customer journey mapping, event planning, content creation and the design and creation of marketing materials.

What can we say, our team is multi-talented!

The Approach

Good communication in marketing is essential, so we offer an easy-to-understand dashboard so that Diginius can see their metrics anytime, and of course, we’re always a video call away if they have any questions.

Here are some of the ways we help with SEO and ensure clients climb to the top of their respective searches.

The Results

The combined package of services we provide to Diginius doesn’t just lead to ranking in Google. The detailed and structured strategic marketing plans we create offer improved brand awareness, let our client see which marketing channels work best, and generate fresh new leads.

Here are some of our key wins:

From zero to hero in just 2 weeks

We optimised a news article for this client so they could rank for additional high-value keywords we identified in an SEO audit. Within two weeks of optimising the page, it received 6,880 impressions and 14 clicks on Google, with a click-through rate of 0.2%. The article also ranked for over ten keywords on the first page of the search engines, increasing the chances of organic traffic.

Average website position increased by 23%

Within four weeks, the client’s average website position moved from 48 to 39. The higher a website ranks, the better, as this means more impressions, more clicks, and ultimately more conversions.

Given that it takes between six and twelve months for SEO to take full effect, we're over the moon with this result!