Destination: Brighton SEO!

Helping Diginius showcase its services with an innovative promo video

Location: London, UK

The Client

Diginius is an agency with a SaaS platform designed to help PPC Agencies and their clients report key information faster, automate work processes, and increase sales. This software enables companies to monitor and manage their paid-ad campaigns in real-time, increasing efficiency and boosting their return on investment.

Purplebox Marketing already supports Diginius with several services, including SEO, marketing strategy and content creation. However, the team at Diginius reached out to us with a request that tested our team’s marketing skills to the MAX!

The Objective

Diginius was to be a premium sponsor at forthcoming digital marketing conferences in the UK and wanted a promotional video they could use to showcase the benefits of their PPC software to prospective customers.

One of the events they were sponsoring was the April 2022 Brighton SEO.

Now, for those who aren’t marketing nerds (like us), Brighton SEO is the Glastonbury, Eurovision, and FA Cup Final of digital marketing conferences. Over 4,000 attendees flock to Brighton twice a year to learn what’s happening in the world of search engine optimisation and connect with like-minded people.

So, the thought of creating something that so many SEO luminaries would see got us raring to get started!

The Approach

We agreed that a short, engaging video clip was the way forward to capture attention as people moved around the stands.

Our team got to work storyboarding and putting together a promotional video for Diginius, using the company’s eye-catching yellow and grey branding, as well as its PPC credentials.

Play Video

The Results

Diginius was delighted with the video we created, so we count that as ‘job done’! 

The video was used at Brighton SEO and displayed on a large background TV screen at Diginius’ stand. Diginius also showcased the video on its LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook accounts before and after the event.

Diginius also used the video when they sponsored MeasureCamp, a digital analytics conference that takes place in London, as well as other venues around the world. Look out for other scheduled conferences featuring the video!