International English: does it really exist?

When it comes to writing ‘international English’ content, writers and marketers face something of a dilemma. It may be the most spoken language in the world, according to Statista, but as far as global business is concerned, the burning question now is, which of the many varieties of English should we be using? And does it really matter? After all, …

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Why marketers should be obsessed with great content

Creating great content is a bit like baking a cake. You know what the outcome should look like, you have the ingredients and, if you follow the recipe, it should all turn out fine. But we all know that isn’t necessarily the case. For example, your oven might not work at the correct temperature, the humidity in the air could …

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Smart marketing

Smart marketing: it’s a numbers game in a digital world

The world around us is constantly changing and even more so in the area of customer engagement.  Developments in technology, business models, predictive analytics and marketing ROIs mean that we need to be more scientific in our marketing approach. This is what we mean by “smart marketing”. With 70% of customer engagement online, the sales process needs marketing even more …

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Digital Marketing Campaigns: six steps to success

Running successful digital marketing campaigns is all about taking everything one careful step at a time. Too often, businesses try to skip one or more of these steps in a bid to get faster results. Unfortunately, faster results do not necessarily equate to good results. The reality is that it takes on average around 4 – 4.5 months to run …

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The Changing Face Of Outreach Marketing

It’s been almost 20 years since I wrote my MBA thesis on customer relationship marketing.  Social media and blogging sites had only been around for a year or so and were definitely not part of any marketing plans.  However, looking back, the essence of outreach marketing, or relationship marketing, is much the same today as it was then – it’s …

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Importance of link building

The Importance of Link Building Using Buyer Personas

As a marketer, you know that link building services are all about driving traffic to your website. After all, that’s where you want people to go, stay and engage with your content. And to do that, you want your website at, or near, the top of the search engine list. The importance of link building must never be underestimated, as …

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